Herring with apple in sour cream 16 PLN
Beef tartare 22 PLN
Board of cheeses and cold meats 24 PLN
Salad with goat cheese 24 PLN



Broth with noodles 15 PLN
Sour rye soup with egg and sausage 15 PLN
Cream of pumpkin or cream of boletus mushrooms with croutons 15 PLN

 Main courses


Pierogi with meat filling and bacon cracklings 18 PLN


Country blood sausage with apple and oscypek (smoked sheep milk cheese) 23 PLN
Cabbage rolls with meat, barley groats and rice in tomato sauce 28 PLN
Duck fillet with apples in rose petal sauce 49 PLN
Beef tenderloin with boletus mushrooms 68 PLN
Cod baked in parchment with sauteed vegetables 55 PLN

 Vegetarian options


Pierogi ruskie (dumplings with cottage cheese, potatoes and fried onions) 18 PLN
Pierogi with cabbage and mushroom filling 18 PLN
Crêpes with spinach filling 24 PLN



Fruit salad 12 PLN
Cheesecake / Apple pie 15 PLN
Ice cream sundae with fruit 19 PLN